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Ill be working on this one of these days...

Wayne Static - Vocals/Guitar/Programming/Keyboards
Tripp Eisen - Guitar
Tony Campos - Bass/Backup Vocals
Nick Oshiro - Drums

Ken Jay - Drums
Koichi Fukuda - Guitar/Keyboard/Programming

Tripp, Wayne, Tony, Nick


Shadow Zone (October 7, 2003)
1. Destroy All
2. Control It
3. New Pain
4. Shadow Zone
5. Dead World
6. Monster
7. The Only
8. Kill Your Idols
9. All In Wait
10. Otsegolectric
11. So
12. Transmission
13. Invincible
Static-X: Wayne,Tripp, Tony, Nick
Additional personnel: Ken Jay (keyboards), Josh Freese (drums)
Recorded at: Los Angeles, CA

Machine (May 22, 2001)
1. Bien Venidos
2. Get To The Gone
3. Permanence
4. Black And White
5. This Is Not
6. Otsego Undead
7. Cold
8. Structural Defect
9. ...In A Bag
10. Burn To Burn
11. Machine
12. A Dios Alma Perdida
Static-X: Wayne, Tripp, Tony, Ken
Recorded at: Studio 508, Los Angeles, CA

Wisconsin Death Trip (March 23, 1999)
1. Push It
2. I'm With Stupid
3. Bled for Days
4. Love Dump
5. I Am
6. Otsegolation
7. Stem
8. Sweat of the Bud
9. Fix
10. Wisconsin Death Trip
11. Trance Is the Motion
12. December
Static-X: Wayne, Koichi, Tony, Ken
Recorded at: Grandmaster Studios, Hollywood, CA

The Only - Shadow Zone
Cold - Machine
Black And White - Machine
This Is Not - Machine
Push It - Wisconsin Death Trip
I'm With Stupid - Wisconsin Death Trip

Tripp's Equipment:
-BC Rich guitars
-Epiphone guitars
-B.C. Rich guitars (Warlock, Bich, Wave, Eagle)
-Epiphone Guitar (Dot, similar to Gibson ES 335)
-Marshall Amps (Mode 4)
-EMG-81 pickups
-Ernie Ball strings
-ZOOM phase shifter
-Boss Noise Supressor
-Dunlop Guitar picks
-New Rock boots

Wayne's Equipment:
-Gibson guitars
-Marshall amps
-Seymour Duncan pick-ups
-Dunlop picks
-Ernie Ball strings
-Korg keyboards
-Akai samplers
-Electro-Voice mics
-Epiphone Guitars

Tony's Equipment:
-SWR SM-900 amplifiers
-SWR Goliath Senior 6X10 cabinets
-Tech 21 NYC PSA-1 preamps
-Fernandes Tremor Deluxe 5 string basses
-EMG pickups
-Ernie Ball Strings

Nick's Equipment:
-Tama Starclassic

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