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Text Splitter(working)
This program splits a line of text into: NATO/Nederlands format. So A = Alpha, B = Bravo ... XX = X-Rays.
    Languages Used: VB.NET

OverWrites files on selected drive letter. Using a Single-Pass method.
    Languages Used: VB.NET

UIC: Console Version(beta)
UIC is a simple MSG client. Supports: BuddyList, Messaging and away modes.
    Languages Used: C/C++

UIC: GUI Version(in progress)
UIC is a simple MSG client. Currently supports: Messaging.
    Languages Used: VB.NET(Front End), C/C++(Back End Dll)

Met Counter: Console Version(in progress)
Counted down to a specified date.
    Languages Used: C/C++

Met Counter(working)
Same as the console version but has a GUI.
    Languages Used: VB.NET

CountTrack (in progress)
Will keep track of you keyboard/mouse clicks and the distance you move your mouse. This program isn't a key logger.
    Languages Used: VB.NET

Neethed Engine(suspended)
This is my first attempt on a 3D Game engine.
    Languages Used: C/C++, DirectX 8

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