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2.17.04     Mudvayne

2.17.04     MetallicA

2.15.04     KoRN

2.15.04     StaticX

2.15.04     Staind

2.11.04     COLD

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All Pages UP!!! - 2.15.04
Mudvayne and Metallica are now up. So as of now all the band pages are currently up. In the future i may add more bands or more sections...who knows...

Huge Update - 2.15.04
I finished 3 more pages: Staind, Korn and Static-X. They still need more info in there about sections but the rest of the page is done. Feel free to check them out by clicking on the link to the left.

Welcome - 2.11.04
This web-site contains information on some of the bands that I listen to. Ill add more bands when I come across time to add them. Enjoy...

Cold Section Finished - 2.11.04
The Cold Section has been finished.

Cold Announce New Guitarist - 2.11.04
COLD have announced the addition of guitarist Eddie Rendini (ex-DARWIN'S WAITING ROOM) to the group's ranks. Rendini joins the band as the replacement for Terry Balsamo, who recently left COLD to hook up with EVANESCENCE.-blabbermouth-

Mudvayne Interview - 2.11.04
MUDVAYNE TURNS 8! On Sunday (2.7.04), MuDvAyNe celebrated 8 years of being a band. This date also marks the beginning of a new album. Chad sat down for a chat with Don Kaye from Launch Radio to tell you all about it and what it will sound like.
Check out the interview here: Real | WinMedia. -mudvayne-

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